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Let’s try this again

Over a year ago I had a lovely blog all about our little Cabbage and the lives lived there.  Unfortunately, about three months ago, it was deleted.  All of it.  All my photos, all the videos, all the wildlife and Christmas, the snow and the redecorating.  Gone.  A little bit of despair on my part.

So I’m going to try it again.

Spring is the best time of year at the Cabbage when the wildlife finds its way back to our little pond (it used to be a lake — no snow and little rain has caused it to become a pond).  This past spring found a doe and her fawn, our duck, Jane, our heron, Hank …and birds!

We had so many different kinds of birds!  Our wonderful pair of hummers came back, but then we started getting different kinds of birds:  nuthatch, goldfinch, flickers, woodpeckers, grosbeak, titmouse, chickadee — we could barely keep the feeder full!

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