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It’s gettin’ old

I’m feeling some serious winter blues here, and in talking with some friends, I’m not alone.  It’s the first day of spring.  I’m looking outside this minute and there are snow flurries from an overcast sky where it’s just above the freezing mark.  There was an ice fisherman on the lake today.  What’s with that?  Living in northern Michigan, it’s not like I actually believe spring will suddenly occur on the directed date.  But man, oh man, am I tired of the cold, the lack of sunshine, the … blahs.  I want to go outside and pull some weeds and get the garden ready.  I’d like to work around the yard and pick up the junk that accumulated over the winter causing our place to look like something out of the trailerhood.  I want to have my coffee on the deck and watch the wildlife come back.  I want to leave the door open and let the fresh air in and the stale air out.

Yes, it’s gettin’ old.  And I’m gettin’ too old for it.

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