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That was fun.

They just left a few hours ago.  But it sure was a fun visit.  Thom and I picked up Mom and Lauren in Orlando Wedn

esday evening and had a short but nice visit until they were picked up today by Molly and family who are now headi

ng down to Fort Lauderdale for their Christmas break.

After a VERY long ride home from the airport, we had pina coladas, then off to bed.  Thursday started out a little cool with promises of warmer weather.  We drove to Jungle Hut Beach only to be disappointed by a lot of people, plus a mess of a beach.  It wasn’t conducive to shelling. We then drove A1A up to Flagler Beach to have a look around.  We decided to go home and change into beach attire, have a lovely brunch at Oceanside Restaurant, and head across the street to the beach.

Thom and Lo headed into the water with a boogie board and an air mattress.  Thom only had to show Lauren ONCE and she got it down!  She was hootin’ and hollerin’ her way through the surf on the air mattress, laughing out loud at the sheer fun of it!  We got great video of her numerous rides on the waves.  Mom enjoyed shelling and watching the antics, and the sun mostly cooperated.  We all had a really great time, and it was so fun to share it with them.

The day ended with pizza a daquari, the finale of the “X Factor” (horrible show), and an early bedtime.  Molly and family arrived this morning around 11:15.  We fed them lunch, passed out some gifts, and off they went like sardines in a can for the three+ hour trek to their final destination in the sun.

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