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Enjoying the sunshine!

The temps were going to approach 80 today, so we headed to the beach for a couple hours with the dog. It was really a perfect day; mostly sunny, very little wind, the tide was half out, and the waves were just right. Afterward, what could be better than knitting in the sun and the sand!

One thought on “Enjoying the sunshine!

  1. OMG! There are very few messages that would put a grin on my face like one from the former villiage knitiot! I AM back home and renting a house WITH my ex. He lives in a suite in the basement and I’m upstairs with the little ones. It sounds horrific but it really isn’t that bad. We are finding our equilibrium after 6 months. It’s not a forever situation but it works for now. It’s been 6 months and now I’m *gasp* starting to think about dating again. It’s either that or I fear I’ll end up on an episode of hoarders crying over a cat skeleton with no plumbing. The best part of the whole thing has been returning to ME…oh and getting my last name back….i will NEVER change my last name again.


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