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Drew, Kristin, Dez, and Evie.


Well, I had a wonderful visit to Oklahoma City to meet my new granddaughter Evie. And while there, I was happy to find that Dez decided he liked me (unlike the Disney trip). We had a great time together, even the last evening when he wanted nothing to do with me and I had to give him a bath. LOL! Course, he didn’t like anyone that day. And the next morning he was all cuddled up with me on the couch like nothing had happened. We enjoyed the splashpark, going for walks, playing with bubbles, and watching tv.

And Evie is lovely. There’s just something about a baby girl. Pretty much all she did was nurse and sleep.  There were some periods of wakefulness, but for the most part she was getting used to the world. She did better with noise, naturally, and of course she loves to be held while sleeping. And while that’s nice when they’re newborn, it’s a really tough habit to break when you’re ready for them to sleep on their own. But they’re only that little once, and what a lovely feeling it is to have that warm, snuggly body against your own.

Knitted ‘jeans’ by MeeMoe!

One of the most fun things for me with Evie was coming home after Meg, Dez and I went to the store. Look at her in these little jeans I knitted! I was so tickled they used them AND they seemed to fit  her, even though they did have to roll up the cuffs. But boy, oh boy are they ever cute. It’s probably the third pair I’ve knit but the first pair that actually worked for anyone!

All a parent really wants is for their kids to be happy, and they seem very happy, in spite of Dez’s extremely stubborn personality! I told Drew how proud he made me being such a wonderful husband, father and provider. And I told him I was proud of ME for my part in it! There are certainly many sleepless  nights ahead, but as we know it’s all worth it in the end. If they can keep their sense of humor (and how can they not with Andrew around?), they can pretty much weather any storm.




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