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Sing with me here…


“Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow! You’re only a daaaaay awaaaaaay!”

And I am SOOO looking forward to having Meg here! She flies in tomorrow night (Wed) to Daytona, which really makes it nice for us. We’re planning on driving up the expressway and going to the beach house so that I can wake her up in the morning to walk across the street to see the ocean and the sunrise. We debated how best to do it, but we decided it would be the most fun this way. Then she can see the house here in the daylight. I hope it works! There’s not much at the other house as far as comfort, but it’ll be late when we get there, so hopefully we’ll just go to bed. (Not likely, but hopefully.)

Oh, I just can’t wait!


One thought on “Sing with me here…

  1. Yeah for Meg & Murine! Hope it was splendiferous! Ashley & Ian are married 2 whole years today, Maureen! Soon they will visit over July 5th to 8th, I think. Then they get to see Ellen and Adam’s new home, too. Going to enjoy the Vellarose too! She’s got long hair!

    Do you have 2 Florida homes now?

    Glad your visit with Andrew and family went so well!



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