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It’s like a time warp.

At The Golden Lion

I knew it would happen. I even said to Meg, “The week before you get here will draaaag by, then you’ll come and the days will fly by.” And they did. We had a great time playing in the ocean, shopping, talking, kayaking, eating, sunning…well, we had a great time.

I have to say that besides the obvious, my best memory will be showing her the beach house. Thom’s sister bought a place just a block off the beach. We are able to use it occasionally, especially when going to the beach. We have all our stuff there in a beach buggy, and we just load it up and walk down. We didn’t tell her because we wanted to surprise her.

We brought her home to our place the first night, got up early, got our things together after breakfast to head to the beach. We drove along the ocean as it was really beautiful, and then turned onto the street towards the beach house. She wondered where we were going, then said, “You should rent something down here.” Then we turned onto Central Ave, and she said, “Like that house, there,” pointing to THE BEACH HOUSE!  Thom said, “Like this one?” She says, “Yeah.” Thom turned into the driveway and I hit the garage door opener. The door opened and we pulled in. She says, What? What’s this?  We laughed and said, “This one?” She says, Are you kidding me???


That’s just one of the wonderful memories we made. There are photos in the photo gallery, and a video of her in the ocean. What a hoot.

Can’t wait till she comes again!

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