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Wow, did that year fly by. Next week, September 12th will mark our one-year anniversary of our move to Florida. I remember being on the road in the mountains of North Carolina on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 listening to the radio. They were covering all the ceremonies commemorating the day in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania. It was sobering and sorrowful. Patriotic songs would play, and I was grateful I was alone in the car. I couldn’t sing along with anything because I was constantly choking back tears or letting them flow. It was a beautiful place to experience that anniversary with the morning sun just breaking through the fog over the mountains. I’ll never forget it.

So now it’s a year. We’ve had lots of visitors — certainly more than we would have had we moved to, say, Savannah, which we’d thought about. We love it here. We’re settling in, meeting people, learning the area (still!), looking forward to a cooling off mostly in regards to the humidity. I remember distinctly last year after being here a couple weeks walking to the mailbox thinking, “My GOD, it’s hot!” But September brings the fall, and things get to be more what we had in mind when we decided to move here. Lots of sunshine, cool at night, warm during the day.

And the beach is still the best. The other day while the breeze was blowing, the water temps HAD to be in the mid 80’s or more. Unbelievable. It hasn’t been like that in a long time. We don’t know if it’s from Hurricane Issac or not, but it’s sure nice. The downside, of course, is now I’m wondering if that’s the reason there have been several shark sightings south of Daytona. This does concern me just a bit!

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