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That was so fun!

It wasn’t a long visit, but it was wonderful nonetheless. It had just been too, too long since I’d seen my BFF SFAM (best friend forever, sister from another mother), and because I knew she hated flying, though we’d made a plan for her to visit, I wasn’t really planning on it.

But she did it! She flew down here all by herself, first time flying solo. We made sure she had a non-stop flight and she was sitting up front, and a glass of wine before the flight eased her nerves just enough to get her down the ramp and onto the plane. I was so happy to see her gliding down the escalator, bag in hand looking just lovely in a flowing top and beautiful scarf, her cuffed jeans just right for our fall weather.

We yakked, we biked,  we ate out and ate in, we shopped and swam and yakked some more. We just really enjoyed spending time together. And though her return flight came too soon for me, I know she’ll come back, because those baby steps were just the beginning.

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